Moving the city forward depends on the investment in youth. That’s why Adrian Six from Ivy Tech Community College North Central will tell the stories of South Bend’s inner-city girls on their hopes and aspirations for the future. The project will include a video—featuring Mayor Pete Buttigieg—photography, and monologues.The book and the video, “Facing the Future Through the Voices of Inner-city Girls in South Bend” will be released in fall 2013.

This project is working to give teenage girls, ages 11-18 years old, a voice in our community because we know that children are the future. We selected this population because we have a desire to discover the girls’ dreams and challenges as they transition from child to teen to adult.

What we have learned overtime is that these girls do indeed have dreams for their future and, yes, they also have challenges in making these dreams come true. In interviewing the girls we discovered that the theme challenge is developing a healthy and positive self-esteem. When a teenage girl feels bad about herself, it opens her life up to many challenges and barriers that have the possibility to affect her life today, tomorrow, and in her future. 

Ivy Tech Community College of South Bend, Indiana Youth Development students, faculty, and staff are involved in this project.