Sister to Sister

The Sister to Sister Program began in 2002 while Lisa Hatcher was working at Washington High School. During this time, she recognized that the community and school itself was experiencing noticeable issues. She then volunteered her time to start the Sister to Sister program and focused on targeting the underprivileged, at risk young women between the ages of 13-18 years.
These issues were related to school, self-esteem,
family or home, or friends. Such pressures would lead to teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, gang
affiliations, increase in crime rates, and single parent homes.
Sister to Sister was created to help teach young women how to rise above their unfortunate circumstances. These teens are being taught self-motivation despite being surrounded by disadvantages and negative pressures.
The program provides opportunity to express their feelings, develop leadership skills, and experience interpersonal growth while working on community outreach projects. These projects support the purpose of the Sister to Sister Program by allowing the teens to write plays, perform in theater, write novels, host community services, and also create clothing for a fashion show.
By expressing themselves through their own work, the young women are able to gain a better sense of confidence and self-esteem. The Sister to Sister Program ultimately provides a second chance for teenage girls to have a choice to change their lives for the better.